Gallagher Photography, Maine wedding photographer

As a Maine wedding photographer, every event brings its own charm and unique moments. Recently, I had the pleasure of second shooting a wedding with the talented Jen Stevens Photography at the picturesque Damariscotta Lake Farms in Jefferson, Maine.

The day commenced at a charming farmhouse, exuding quaint vibes that set the perfect tone for capturing the getting ready moments. Eager to encapsulate the essence of the venue, my lens focused on every intricate detail, from the serene landscapes to the rustic architecture.

The groomsmen joined the scene, providing an opportunity for candid and lively shots that added a touch of personality to the wedding story. Collaborating with Jen, we seamlessly transitioned into covering the couple's intimate moments. The bride's first look with her son was a heartwarming scene, followed by another with the groom, both set against the stunning backdrop of Damariscotta Lake.

The ceremony itself was a beautiful affair, short, sweet, and perfectly encapsulating the love between the couple. The energy of the bridal party was infectious, and capturing their vibrant spirit resulted in a collection of truly stunning photos.

In the end, collaborating with Jen Stevens Photography at Damariscotta Lake Farms was an enriching experience, weaving together the visual narrative of a day filled with love, joy, and the breathtaking beauty of a Maine wedding.

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