I wanted to share a recent photography session we did in Vassalboro that holds a special place in my heart. We had the pleasure of working with Elanea once again, a familiar face to us as we've been photographing her family for years.

Elanea's mom had a lovely idea for this session, and slowly we brought it to life together. With an Alice in Wonderland themed backdrop and cake. We captured the most adorable photos.

One memorable moment from the session was when we brought out a cake made by Cakes by Audrey in Vassalboro. However, Elanea wasn't too interested in the cake, so her mom had to get creative and convince her to take a bite with some veggie sticks. I can honestly say it was a first for me!

Overall, it was a simple yet meaningful session, filled with laughter and genuine connections. These are the moments that make photography so special to me, and I'm grateful to be able to capture them.

Looking forward to more heartfelt sessions in the future.