In Vassalboro, Maine, where storms seldom make headlines, I recently navigated a unique newborn photography session amid a powerful, rare weather event. As the winds roared at an exceptional 60mph, lights flickered, and two trees toppled in my backyard, my home studio transformed into a haven of creativity against the backdrop of an unprecedented storm.

Born a few days after Thanksgiving, Brandon's parents, unyielding in the face of Maine's unusual weather, scheduled his session just a week after his arrival. On December 18th, we curated a modern winter wonderland within my studio, where neutral tones met the essence of the holiday season.

Brandon was sweet as pie with his sleepy photos as well as his wide eyed shots. He gave us memorable expressions that had me chuckling.

I decided to use fall tones to complement his November Birthday date but also some holiday colors as the season was quickly approaching.

Here are just a handful of images from our Maine newborn session together.